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Are you having doubts about your spouse's fidelity or your employee's work ethic? Rely on Blue Eagle Investigations for proven investigative services that provide you with the facts at a price you can afford. We offer video surveillance, background checks, and many other information gathering services. If you need proof for your personal situation, we can obtain it. All investigations are strictly confidential, and we are listed by the state.


Special, Private Investigators in Tampa, FL
      Experience Counts
The truth isn't hidden from you when you hire our dedicated private investigators in Tampa, Florida. Our experienced and professional investigators have 25 years of experience to back our courteous service. In fact, the person you speak with during your appointment is the investigator who will be handling your case.


Don't Deal with Doubt
Instead of letting doubt control your personal or professional life, let us provide you with the truth. Our knowledgeable investigators know the signs of infidelity, harassment, and suspicious behavior. We put our knowledge to work for you by laying out detailed data and evidence that you can use to confront the person you suspect or provide the person handling your mediation.

Investigators You Can Trust
Blue Eagle Investigations is discreet and thorough when handling your case, allowing you to feel comfortable knowing that if the evidence is there, we will find it. Our many years of combined experience means we're your first choice for getting information that may be looming underneath the surface.

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